Fast Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Sensor (F-CTD)

         The F-CTD, developed by Dr. Robert Pinkel, is a rapidly profiling instrument that measures micro-conductivity, temperature and depth down to 1000 meters over ten minutes. The F-CTD consists of a SeaBird Instruments SBE-49 CTD and a micro-conductivity probe housed in a streamlined body, suspended from a thin, 4-conductor PBO cable. A computer-controlled winch cycles the CTD at 3.5-5 m/s vertically. A motorized sheave enables the high-speed cable payout. F-CTD data is corrected for sensor mis-match, and low-pass filtered to 0.5 meters. The F-CTD's collected data is useful for studying a variety of ocean phenomena, including internal waves and ocean mixing.


Deployment Pictures on Sproul 2005