Hydrographic Doppler Sonar System

Revelle Ship

The Hydrographic Doppler Sonar System (HDSS) was developed at Scripps for the R/V Roger Revelle. The system provides quality real-time ocean velocity, shear, and acoustic scattering strength data on a routine basis. It also serves as a valuable test bed for the development of new acoustic and signal processing technology. The HDSS consists of nested 140 kHz and 50 kHz sonar systems, operated in conjunction with a host of attitude and navigation sensors. The140 kHz sonar provides high-resolution (4m) profiles to depths of 200-350 m. The longer range 50 kHz device profiles to depths of 600-1000 m, with 20 m depth resolution. The system became operational in January 2000 and has been upgraded periodically over the past decade. Except when politically restricted, the HDSS is kept operating whenever the Revelle is underway. Global maps of fine scale currents and biological scattering are thus accumulated “in the background”, as the Revelle performs other research missions. With the ability to measure fine-scale shears, the Revelle can support specialized experiments. ... More information ...


Updated: October 23, 2009 14:20